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Why Mascarade?

Vision + Mission

<p>Vision + Mission</p>


Mascarade Opera Studio aspires to be the leading independent training and performance institution for singers and répétiteurs in the world, its programme becoming the gold standard by which all Young Artists Programmes and Opera Studios will be measured.


To establish Mascarade Opera Studio as a world-class institution for opera training.

To prepare young and exceptionally talented opera singers and répétiteurs for major careers in opera.

To provide a platform, integrated into The New Generation Festival network, for emerging world-class talent to display their skills and to enter the music profession at the highest possible level.

To establish Mascarade Opera Studio as a centre for excellence in performance science and to attract leading professionals and academics to support the development of our studio artists.

To develop and foster close international relationships and collaborations with leading opera houses, music festivals, higher music education institutions and post-conservatoire young artist training programmes throughout Europe and beyond.

To weave Mascarade Opera Studio firmly into the cultural fabric of Florence and its regions by providing first class, high quality musical entertainment and to increase accessibility and inclusion via its enrichment programme.

See the Mascarade Team

Our team consists of internationally renowned singers, vocal coaches, vocal consultants, conductors, stage directors and industry representatives.

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Founding Principles

  • We are totally independent and each artist has a truly individualised experience that is entirely designed to their needs.
  • We have a unique project-based performance programme, linked and led by our ongoing training.
  • We are research-led, working at the cutting edge of performance and training practices, and are world leaders in performance psychology training.
  • We do not believe the old models of master apprentice training works for opera studio level programmes. As such we employ a variety of training and coaching techniques, and have abandoned the concept of prestigious masterclasses.
  • We are rooted in the future of opera, working with our networks to define what an artist in the 21st century must look like.

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What our independence means:

As an exclusive boutique opera studio, we make artistic decisions based on the needs of our studio artists and not on the exigencies of an affiliated opera house. As such, we can integrate practice and performance in a systematic and structured way that ensures our studio artists’ growth.

What is project-based performance?

Project-based performance means that artistic development of our artists is structured around key projects, which serve as goal posts for measuring overall artistic progress. Seen as an integral part of the artistic team, studio artists are encouraged to collaborate with the Mascarade artistic team and visiting staff on these projects, thereby taking ownership of the artistic process and output.

What research led means:

Research led means that all our artistic activities are informed by contemporary insights in training and performance science and pedagogy. We strongly believe that performance success is the result of creating an elite training and performance environment which allows studio artists to explore and expand their skill-set in a systematic, controlled and structured manner.

What our innovative training framework is:

Our training framework is based on insights from performance psychology research in a variety of domains such as sports, business, health and education. As a multi-layered, integrative training framework with internal follow-up systems, it comprises and connects  a number of theories and models in the areas of coaching, practice and performance.

Why join Mascarade?

Joining Mascarade means becoming part of a select team committed to ensuring you succeed in a profession which has become increasingly difficult and complex to navigate. With our focus firmly on expert skill acquisition, psychological skills training and business and career coaching, we will give you the tools and support to meet the challenges of today’s market. Mascarade is a perfect post-Masters opportunity for singers looking to make a secure and exciting start to their careers, heading out into the industry or moving to a top-level young artist programme.


Mascarade accepts applications from those aged 26 and under on the day that they apply. We understand that certain voice types take longer to mature, and we encourage those aged 27-30 in these voice categories to apply via the e-mail address, providing a CV and two references from industry professionals; these professionals cannot be the applicant’s teacher or coach.  

Our Partners

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Cartiere Carrara

For the past 145 years, Cartiere Carrara has been one of Europe’s leading paper manufacturers. Founded in 1873 by the Carrara family, the company, which operates in the Tuscan paper district, produces tissue paper for the professional market in addition to making personal hygiene and domestic products.

Today Cartiere Carrara has 7 production sites in Italy with over 730 employees and a directly managed commercial network that covers the main European and overseas markets. The company produces approximately 300,000 tons of paper per year that is made in Italy and of a consistently high quality. It also enjoys a market presence with its own brands (BulkySoft, Tuscany, Carind, Maxi) in addition to making products for other companies.

Cartiere Carrara’s vision is focused on the future and built on the present. The company works to take care of today in order to protect what will be tomorrow, with a long-term commitment to social responsibility, supporting the next generation and protecting the environment; it takes steps on a daily basis to reduce its carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Cartiere Carrara has succeeded in blending the values of beauty and tradition with an expert knowledge of its industry, creating a business culture that nurtures a deep respect for the arts that have made our country great. This is why we proudly support the Mascarade Opera Foundation, an organisation which embodies a passion for music and a commitment to provide the highest level of musical training to young, aspiring talents from across the globe.

The New Generation Festival

The New Generation Festival (NGF) was founded in 2017 to promote emerging young artists from around the world. The NGF presents the finest talents in opera, music, theatre and across the Arts with a programme that runs throughout the year in spectacular locations, ranging from the Swiss mountains of Andermatt to its flagship summer festival in Florence. Inspired by the achievements of the Italian Renaissance, The NGF celebrates creativity and stimulates it through the connection of art forms, cultures and generations.

In August 2020, The NGF staged The ReGeneration Festival in partnership with The Uffizi Galleries at the landmark Boboli Gardens to demonstrate the paramount importance of sustaining culture in times of crisis. It was an unprecedented manifestation of the restorative power of the Arts and magnificent proof of what is possible through cooperation. The upheavals of 2020 have focussed the world’s attention on the existential challenges facing humanity in the coming decades. The solutions to these challenges will be found by individuals, organisations and nations working together for the common good, and The NGF intends to play its part.

Opera lies at the heart of The New Generation Festival in Florence, featuring a dynamic young creative team who are redefining the experience of music for their peers while having a whole load of fun at the same time.” (Opera Now)

Georg Solti Accademia

The Solti Accademia, founded in the memory of the late maestro Sir Georg Solti, exists to help train the next generation of outstanding opera singers and répétiteurs/coaches. Both our course for singers and our course for pianists are fully-funded, and each selected participant receives a full-tuition scholarship to study at the Accademia. Both courses take place in Italy, and provide students with unique educational and artistic experiences that help to further their development as young musicians about to enter the career.

On our “bel canto” course, we offer up to twelve young singers a fully-funded, three-week immersion in Italian opera singing, with a focus on language, style, and technique in the 19th and early 20th century Italian repertoire. The course takes place from June 23 to July 12, 2020 in beautiful Castiglione della Pescaia, Tuscany, a stone’s throw from the Solti summer villa. This year’s faculty for this course includes Artistic Director Jonathan Papp, Barbara Frittoli, Richard Bonynge, Violeta Urmana, Stefano Baldasseroni, and a number of other outstanding professionals in the opera field.

For répétiteurs/coaches, we offer our Solti-Peretti répétiteur course in Venice, Italy from April 9 to 18, 2020. This course, led by Artistic Director Jonathan Papp and Maestro Richard Bonynge, aims to help six outstanding young répétiteurs from all around the world develop their skills by giving them an intense period of study with some of the finest répétiteurs, vocal coaches, and conductors of our day.

Musica con le Ali

Cultural Association Musica con le Ali was established in Milan in December 2016 on the initiative of Carlo Hruby, the current President, together with his wife and their children. The idea of creating this Association was born from the awareness that music, and in particular classical music, constitutes one of the most important cultural heritages of Italy, as well as an instrument of personal and collective growth of extraordinary value.

The purpose of the Association, which is not-for-profit and pursues objectives of social value, is first and foremost to support and enhance musical initiatives, with special attention to young people and classical music. To achieve its goals, Musica con le Ali (“Music with Wings”) promotes young talents, supporting them in their training and helping them to establish themselves in their profession – and therefore to “take flight” – through different wide-ranging initiatives organised in collaboration with the major conservatoires and the main cultural and musical institutions.

The activities of Musica con le Ali include concerts, masterclasses and exhibitions that feature the best and most talented musicians, as well as the creation of interesting professional opportunities and the enhancement of their abilities through a variety of media. An integral part of the Association’s activities is also represented by prestigious editorial projects that aim to deal with specific topics that allow us to reconstruct part of our musical history and to better understand the contemporary one. At the same time, the Association’s activities also include initiatives aimed at the dissemination, understanding and knowledge of classical music by the next generation.

Andermatt Music

Andermatt Music is solidifying Andermatt, a beautiful skiing town in the Swiss mountains with a newly-built Concert Hall that opened its doors in 2019, as a destination for classical music. In addition to working with the best young classical musicians from across the globe, Andermatt Music hosts some of the world’s finest artists as part of its biannual festival programme. The Berlin Philharmonic, Daniel Barenboim and the Chamber Orchestra of Europe have all performed on the Andermatt Concert Hall stage. Soon, Andermatt will be welcoming Maxim Vengerov to give what will be a truly unique classical music experience. The breadth of repertoire and artistry highlights Andermatt Music’s continued commitment to fostering an international network rooted in this unique mountain setting.

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