The training Mascarade Opera Studio provides would not be possible without the generous support of individuals. From sponsoring individual artists and studio activities, to becoming a Friend of the studio and accessing all our performances, there are numerous ways your support impacts and sustains our work


Full Scholarship

This is the most important gift you can make to a Mascarade OS artist. Full scholarships permit promising young artists from anywhere in the world to focus entirely on their studies at Mascarade OS without having to worry about financing themselves for the duration of the course in Florence.

You will be offered the opportunity to name the scholarship as you desire, attach criteria (for example, to support a répétiteur, or singer from a particular country), and receive regular reports about your student’s progress. You will have the option of arranging private recitals and concerts with your scholarship artist. The FULL SCHOLARSHIP covers your chosen artist’s tuition costs, accommodation, living expenses and travel allowance. It is a truly life-changing gift.

Tuition Bursary

The generous gift of a Tuition Bursary enables one promising young artist of your choice to study on the Mascarade OS programme.


Maintenance Bursary

The generous gift of a Maintenance Bursary will cover the living, travel and accommodation costs of a young artist requiring this support for the duration of the course. The funds will be allocated by MOS either to an artist of the donor’s choosing or to an artist requiring support on a means-tested basis. In agreement with the donor, Maintenance Bursary funds may also be divided between several artists in need of extra financial support as part of our hardship fund. Please get in touch should you be interested in contributing to the MOS hardship fund.

Sponsor a Masterclass

Support the Mascarade Opera Studio by sponsoring the organisation of a masterclass given by an international star for our students. As part of your sponsorship you will be welcomed to attend the showcase concert with friends, as well as enjoying a private dinner with the masterclass giver.


Join our Patrons’ Circle, offering access to all events, masterclasses, and performances throughout the year. You will also be offered one soirée a year at a location of your choosing (travel and accommodation excluded).


Become a friend of the studio and have access to all our events, masterclasses and performances.

Corporate Support

Mascarade Opera Studio exists not only to train some of the world’s best operatic talents, but make a significant contribution to the cultural life of Florence and Tuscany.

As a new, innovative organisation with an international perspective, we can provide unique experiences designed with your objectives in mind, from private recitals and behind-the-scenes events with our studio artists, to masterclasses and hospitality with international stars, to brand positioning at concerts throughout the year.

We would be delighted to discuss sponsoring any aspect of our work, or becoming a Corporate Partner, with you further. Tax benefits for corporations based in Italy are possible through supporting the Fondazione Mascarade Opera. Please contact Chief Executive Max Fane for more details on

<p>Corporate Support</p>
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Showcase Sponsorship

Each year Mascarade Opera Studio presents one showcase with our studio artists performing fully staged Opera scenes accompanied by orchestra and one orchestral concert. Taking place in Florence and Berlin, these showcases offer unique sponsorship opportunities, with potential for brand placement, impressing colleagues and providing staff benefits.

If you would be interested in supporting this aspect of our work, whether through financial or in-kind means, please contact Chief Executive Max Fane on




2021 Sponsor – Cartiere Carrara

For the past 145 years, Cartiere Carrara has been one of Europe’s leading paper manufacturers. Founded in 1873 by the Carrara family, the company, which operates in the Tuscan paper district, produces tissue paper for the professional market in addition to making personal hygiene and domestic products.

Today Cartiere Carrara has 7 production sites in Italy with over 730 employees and a directly managed commercial network that covers the main European and overseas markets. The company produces approximately 300,000 tons of paper per year that is made in Italy and of a consistently high quality. It also enjoys a market presence with its own brands (BulkySoft, Tuscany, Carind, Maxi) in addition to making products for other companies.

Cartiere Carrara’s vision is focused on the future and built on the present. The company works to take care of today in order to protect what will be tomorrow, with a long-term commitment to social responsibility, supporting the next generation and protecting the environment; it takes steps on a daily basis to reduce its carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Cartiere Carrara has succeeded in blending the values of beauty and tradition with an expert knowledge of its industry, creating a business culture that nurtures a deep respect for the arts that have made our country great. This is why we proudly support the Mascarade Opera Foundation, an organisation which embodies a passion for music and a commitment to provide the highest level of musical training to young, aspiring talents from across the globe.